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We are proud of our previous work and designs, so have a look at just some of them below and do not hesitate to visit our dedicated Gallery page for more images of our beautiful metalworks projects in homes and business in London, UK.

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The sky is the limit when choosing Milenium Metal.

We are experts in a range of metalwork fabrications and designs including Gates, Railings, Balconies and Staircases.


Our Metalworks company specializes in providing high-quality and reliable services to clients looking to bring their construction projects to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Metalworks fabrication, design and installation depend on the type of product you are acquiring, as well as the size and time-frame it is to be delivered in. For further information and an exact quotation, simply give us a call today.

It all depends on the type of metal works fabrication you require. Either way, we can guarantee your request will be delivered within your designated time-frame. 

Metals are typically strong, bright, hard, cold, and smooth. As a bonus, they are ductile, malleable, and resistant to breaking. Metals have excellent thermal, acoustic, and electrical conductivity. They always expand as the temperature increases and shrink when the temperature falls. They fuse quickly and easily with other metals. With many versatile options available simply drop us a message today, and we will advise you on the best possible material for your project.

We are indeed not only able to fabricate but also help you with the design and installation of all our metalworks products available.

To determine which electric sliding gate motor would be best for your gate you need to know the width and weight of it first.

Each motor operates within certain parameters (weight/width) so knowing these metrics are fundemental.

All sliding gate motors listed on this website clearly state the maximum width & weight the motor will operate.

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